James Dorgan
Attorney at Law
Fairhope, AL
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General Practice
Practice includes personal injury, criminal defense, DUI, business formation, probate, wills and estate planning

Personal Injury
Mr. Dorgan assists individuals injured by the mistake or recklessness of others, in a variety of situations. From defective product injuries, to boating accidents. to falls at a dangerous location. Mr Dorgan has helped victims get their lives back. Contingency Fee

Car Accidents
Mr. Dorgan assists individuals when injured in a car, multivehicle, or trucking accident.  Mr. Dorgan does not represent insurance companies.  Mr. Dorgan only takes car accident claims in which the liability is clear, and when the defendant has liability insurance coverage.  Mr. Dorgan does not like to sue, and only sues as a last resort if the defendant is unwilling to be reasonable on settlement.  Mr. Dorgan will not take frivolous claims, or unsubstantiated claims.  Nearly 90% of Mr. Dorgan's cases settle prior to trial.  In addition, a high percentage of cases which Mr. Dorgan handles in this area is by referral from other firms, indicating strong confidence by other lawyers in his office to handle these type of cases. Contingency Fee

Wrongful Death
Mr. Dorgan assists families who have lost a loved one in a car or trucking accident, airplane accident, train accident, or death on the job.  From the initial intensive investigation, to hiring experts, to opening the victim's estate, to taking the case to trial, Mr. Dorgan wants to be your advocate to insure that justice is served.  Contingency Fee

Business Formation
From forming a for profit corporation, to a LLC, to a partnership or even a sole proprietorship, Mr. Dorgan can assist  you with all aspects of the formation of your business.  From selecting a business name, to checking trademark conflicts, to forming your company, negotiating partnership agreements, non-competition agreements, and even employee manuals, Dorgan's office nearly every service that a business could need in this area.  Set Fee 

BP Claims
As a condo owner in Orange Beach, Alabama, and as a business owner in Alabama, James has also had to navigate the often confusing process of BP claims administration. James is now helping others with a large variety of BP claims. James is also filing a volume of coastal real property claims, for those who owned waterfront property in 2010 along certain portions of the Gulf Coast. James goes to great lengths to make the BP claims process as simple and fast as possible for all his clients under the current Deepwater Horizon Settlement program. Contingency Fee

Halliburton Claims
Our office is assisting multiple Gulf Coast waterfront property owners with their potential Halliburton claims. Halliburton has created a 1.1 billion dollar settlement fund to compensate victims for Halliburton's role in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We assist Gulf Coast waterfront property owners on a minimal 15% contingency fee, due only if we collect from Halliburton, and there is no charge for costs (unless an unusual situation). As a current and former Gulf Coast waterfront property owner, James knows how difficult the oil spill was for Gulf Coast waterfront property owners and victims, and goes to great lengths to make the claims administration process as simple and easy as possible for his claimants. Contingency Fee

Criminal Defense
Practicing in both Mobile and Baldwin Counties, from municipal, to district, to circuit court jury trials, Mr. Dorgan can assist you with your misdemeanor criminal case.  Regardless of whether it is something minor, such as possession of alcohol by a minor, or something more serious, such as possession of marijuana, Mr. Dorgan can assist you.

With the threshold of guilt to prove a DUI going down, this has lead to an ever increasing number of DUI arrests.  Couple that along with higher fines and more severe penalties, the need for an attorney in this area is absolutely critical. Our office has assisted individuals charged with DUI in multiple area municipal courts, district court and circuit court. Set Fee  

Estate Planning
With some of the most competitive fees around for wills, powers of attorney, and living wills, and either a one or two day turn around on most documents, and in some cases, documents prepared while you wait, Mr. Dorgan produces results.  Please call ahead and we can send you the estate planning questionnaire so that the documents are ready when you arrive.Set Fee  

Other Areas
The foregoing list is not comprehensive.  For instance, Mr. Dorgan has worked on both sides of the aisle (representing a victim in one case and the employer in a different case) in employment discrimination cases.  From assisting a client who bought a restaurant, to assisting another client in selling a multimillion dollar waterfront property, Mr. Dorgan is likely able to assist you, and if he cannot, will refer you to someone who can.

Areas of Practice

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